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Embark on a spiritual journey with Luxurious Decorations' Religious Wall Features. Each sacred symbol and intricate design evokes a sense of devotion and reverence. Our LD16 Fabric material enhances the realism, ensuring durability and resistance. Let your walls become a sanctuary of faith and inspiration with Religious Wall Features and LD16 Fabric.

Please read before order
Our prices are per square meter, not per picture or roll. Our custom wallpaper fits any wall size, with an extra 2-5cm free for a flawless finish. Measure your width and height, then enter your wall sizes into the price calculator above for a custom quote including 20% discount. Sign up for our newsletter for an additional 10% off at checkout and stay updated with our unseen products coming soon! For custom designs, wholesale orders or any other enquiries, chat live with us, we’re here to help.

LD16 fabric wallpapers are perfect for businesses and homeowners alike. They elevate ambiance, showcase brand identity and add value and luxury to any properties.

  • Customizable options to suit any preference including (family photos feature walls)
  • Ideal for residential, commercial, and hospitality space
  • 15+ year’s durability, waterproof, stain-resistant, mold-proof, tear resistant, scratch proof
  • Textured, realistic effects and 400 gsm thick fabric
  • Unique designs and sound absorption properties
  • Incredible WOW effect that pops when viewed your camera phone (Picture friendly)
  • Shop now and experience the perfect blend of style

    First-time customers receive a 30% discount on their first purchase. To receive the discount, measure your walls using a measuring tape, enter the sizes on the calculator, and you will see the original price and a 20% sale price. Signing up for our newsletter also gives you an extra 10% off at checkout automatically. The pricing varies based on the size or quantity of custom designs, with larger walls or more.


    Indulge in the finest fabric on the market. Delight in textures that dance beneath your fingertips, transforming your walls into a canvas of sophistication..



    Unlike regular wallpapers, our LD16's durable materials resist tearing and staining, ensuring long-lasting beauty with minimal maintenance.


    Plain, uninspired walls lacking character and depth. Transformed into vibrant, textured spaces with our LD 16 Fabric Wallpaper, adding personality and style effortlessly.


    Enjoy peace of mind knowing your walls are protected against spills, stains, and wear and tear.


    Our LD16 Fabric Wallpaper comes in convenient rolls, making it easy to install and apply with standard wallpaper paste.


    The package is strong enough to handle bumps during shipping, making sure the wallpaper gets to your new home safely.


    For small orders, we'll use express shipping (DHL, UPS, or FedEx), arriving within 5 to 14 working days for USA, Canada and UK. Larger orders can opt for air or sea shipping via your nominated forwarder agent, with delivery expected between 17 to 28 working days. Need assistance? Reach out to us via our live chat below.

    Our LD16 fabric material lasts up to 15-20 years. The material and the printing process makes it resistant to wear and tear. Unlike ECO-Solvent, our colors are dyed into the fabric, not just on the surface.
    Our policy is valid for 30 days. If it's been more than 30 days since your purchase, we can't offer a refund or exchange. To return an item, it must be unused and in its original condition and packaging.

    How long does it take to ship LD16 Wallpaper?

    Shipping typically takes 3 to 4 business days to produce and another 3 to 5 days to arrive at your doorstep via FedEx, DHL, or UPS.

    Is LD16 Wallpaper easy to install?

    Yes, it’s designed for easy installation. Simply follow our step-by-step instructions for professional results.

    Can LD16 Wallpaper be used in high-traffic areas?

    Yes, it’s durable and suitable for high-traffic areas, making it ideal for both residential and commercial spaces.

    Is LD16 Wallpaper easy to clean?

    Yes, it’s easy to clean with a damp cloth, making maintenance a breeze.

    Can LD16 Wallpaper be customized?

    Yes, it can be customized to fit your specific needs and preferences. Simply upload your HD image on the calculator and enter your dimensions. Feel free to contact us for further assistance via our live chat.

    Is LD16 Wallpaper environmentally friendly?

    Yes, it’s made from eco-friendly materials, making it a sustainable choice for your space.

    Can LD16 Wallpaper be removed easily?

    Yes, it’s designed to be removable.

    What if I receive damaged LD16 Wallpaper?

    In the rare event that your Wallpaper arrives damaged, please contact our customer service team for assistance.

    Is LD16 Wallpaper suitable for DIY installation?

    Yes, it’s suitable for DIY installation. However, professional installation is recommended for best results.

    Can it be used on textured walls?

    Yes, it can be used on lightly textured walls. For heavily textured walls, additional preparation may be required.

    How do I determine how much LD16 Wallpaper I need?

    You can use our online calculator to determine the amount of LD16 Wallpaper needed for your space based on the dimensions of your walls.

    How can I find a recommended wallpaper contractor for installation?

  • For US customers, visit our partner, Wallpaper Installers USA, to find experienced contractors and request quotes directly through their website.
  • For UK customers, visit our partner, Wallpaper Installers UK, to find experienced contractors and request quotes directly through their website.
  • How does LD16 Wallpaper benefit my business?

    It increases value, enhances ambiance, attracts customers, stands out from competitors, and offers durability and easy maintenance for cost savings and customer satisfaction.

    How does LD16 Wallpaper benefit my home?

    LD16 Wallpaper is scratch proof, mould proof, stain-resistant, making it perfect for busy households with children and pets. Saves you money and stress for having to repaint your walls. It also provides durable protection against everyday wear and tear, ensuring long-lasting beauty for your home. For any further questions, please contact our team via our live chat or email us at info@myluxuriousdecorations.com. We’re here to help and ensure you have the best customer experience.

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